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Best Top 7 Books on Accountability for a Successful Mindset

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One of the essential qualities for a person to develop is responsibility because it is a crucial skill for you to follow your plans and goals in your professional and personal life. It is a primal leadership skill and competence to run a business. And if you seek to develop this skill and need help computing out where to start, there is good news for you: we will introduce to you the best books on accountability. 

Take charge of your success with the best books on accountability

The best books on responsibility here will make you reflect on how the power of responsibility in your life, when put on the agenda more often, will be a great ally to discipline your personal and professional tasks. Therefore, stay tuned to the following book recommendations and choose the ones that best fit your profile.

Book #1 Qbq! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Responsibility at Work and in Life by John G. Miller

The book is efficient and helpful for people with a hectic life, as you can listen to it on audiobook while on a bus or cleaning at home. Miller’s book explores the role of responsibility and how it applies in the workplace. For example, when faced with a crisis at work, many people look for someone to blame for that crisis. 

However, Miller explains that the attitude of a true leader is to take responsibility for the situation and provide solutions to the problem. Furthermore, suppose you are a business owner. In that case, you must make crucial decisions requiring the business owner to take greater responsibility for his employees and their work. The book will give you the necessary guidance to be a great leader.

Book #2 the Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability by Tom Smith, Craig Hickman

This book is considered to be the best accountability coaching book. This book brings the fundamental principles of personal accountability and how it can improve personal and professional relationships to achieve your desired professional success. The Oz Principle advises you to control how you organize your life and work and to develop your responsibility to achieve excellent results one day at a time.

For those looking to create this habit, it is terrifying when many responsibilities await you, and you want to ensure you are satisfied and confident of making a mistake. Nevertheless, this book teaches you to see these mistakes and fears as an opportunity to build your personal responsibility and eliminate evil thoughts that take you further from becoming a great business owner.

Book #3 Leadership of Responsibility by Di Worrall

Experience a new way of accountability - leverage technology and innovative tools to track your progress

This is a classic leadership book. Worrall advises you in this book that accountability is one of the most essential characteristics for effective leadership in your work and is crucial to achieving success in your profession. 

The author lovingly approaches the book as she uses her many years of experience in the business market to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve high performance and output in business. For this reason, if you want to increase your company’s leadership and help your employees be great leaders in their given teams, be prepared to read this book by taking note of the author’s precious tips.

Book #4 Making Responsible Decisions by Sam Silverstein

If you think you can’t make good decisions in your life and find yourself making bad decisions without responsibility. Ultimately, this book can be your solution in difficult situations. It will make you reflect on your choices and how they can impact positively or negatively on your daily life and in this way. The author will train you to organize your actions, transform your interpersonal relationships, and encourage you to make responsible decisions. Thus pushing you to have a successful lifestyle in your business and daily life.

Book #5 Entreleadership: 20 Years of Practical Leadership in the Trenches by Dave Ramsey

Leadership needs to exercise its leadership flawlessly to assist in your company’s daily tasks and keep your team united and balanced to achieve your goals. Other subjects in this book are practical tips on responsible leadership in your enterprise. The book guides you through various difficult situations and how to get through them with the advice of Dave Ramsey. Who has been in this business for a long time and tells you to step by step the most effective way to grow your company and how to build an impeccable team culture to prepare them for whatever comes.

Book #6 Xenophon's Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War by Larry Hedrick

This book is recommended for those who enjoy a good history of ancient times that teaches you valuable lessons from the people who lived in the past. They had enormous responsibility as leaders, so you will be amazed by the story of one of the world’s most outstanding leaders, Cyrus the Great. The book does extensive research with the collaboration of historians that helps you better understand the strategies used by this great leader of his time. How his knowledge can be applied today, many people follow in his footsteps, seeking improvement as exemplary leaders for your company.

Book #7 Start With the Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Act by Simon Sinek

Lead the way with the best books on leadership - learn from the experiences of successful leaders

This is essential reading for business leaders looking to innovate, to find new talent amidst the creativity of their employees to stay current in the business without being left behind by their competitors. And for this to happen, the leader has the responsibility to always encourage his team to stay motivated and see in each one their potential that can add to the company.

Final Thoughts

Lack of accountability is a fundamental issue for your company. Therefore, we invite you to read these books about responsibility, start thinking like a great business leader, and practice organizing your time better. These book recommendations will show you the right direction to take toward the success of your enterprise, becoming part of the people-accountable team.

With this list of books we recommend, you will answer the thorny question of how to be an authentic leader. In addition to these incredible authors, we invite the reader to research and read some renowned names, such as Seth Godin, Roger Connors, Tim Challies, and Greg Bustin.