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The 9 Best Books to Help You With Anxiety and Overthinking

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Those who overthink often have negative thoughts about their lives; these are repetitive and disturbing thoughts that, if they persist, can lead anyone to develop psychological disorders such as social anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and even physical problems caused by these mental health conditions. 

For some people, it can be difficult to get out of this vicious cycle on their own without help. For this reason, to help you resolve your inner conflicts, I will recommend here the best books for overthinkers that will improve your life with practical strategies that will guide you on this journey of personal development.

Find peace of mind and clarity with our collection of the best books for overthinkers - our selection of books will help you overcome negative thought patterns and gain a new perspective, empowering you to live in the moment and find joy in the present!

Book #1- The Worry Trick, By David Carbonell

David’s book is especially suited for people who are anxious, and if you think too much, being nervous can be a recurring symptom that traps you in your own mind. This book will help you break the cycle of these anxious thoughts and teach you, once and for all, some techniques that the author of the book has developed so that you are able to resist the thoughts that often worry you. 

The book does not offer a single solution to anxiety but recognizes that people have different ways of dealing with anxiety because they are different, so it offers you several uncomplicated ways of dealing with anxiety.

Book #2 - A Manual for Living, by Epictetus

Another book that cannot be missing from your reading list is the classic by Epictetus, this book has philosophical teachings written many years ago, however, it will provide you with valuable knowledge that can be applied even in the present moment, because in its short chapters, it will teach you how to live in a lighter way, and for those who overthink.

This is a book that will help you find the balance in your emotions to deal with life’s challenges, and avoid, as much as possible, negative thoughts that prevent you from relaxing and so these teachings will give you the peace of mind that you so desperately need.

Book #3 - Clear Your Mind, by Steven Schuster

For those who think too much, stress and anxiety go hand in hand, so if you suffer from them, you need to read Clear Your Mind as it addresses the importance of learning how to throw away useless thoughts that negatively affect your mental health, for this reason, the author of the book will point you throughout the pages, useful tips that can be used to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind, giving you techniques to start living better without unnecessary worries and focus on what really matters.

Book #4 - How to Stop Overthinking, by Chase Hill

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As the title of the book suggests, this is a book for people who find themselves trapped in their own minds with excessive negative thoughts that prevent them from accomplishing daily tasks due to these endless thoughts. With this in mind, this book is a good way for those who are willing to fight their fears with helpful tips on ways to control bad thoughts.

And the author throughout the book will show you over 60 different techniques on how to calm your mind and create the habit of thinking positively and ignoring the people around you who are very negative, and in this way, you will start to develop a more peaceful environment in your mind, and consequently in your life.

Book #5 - Reclaim Your Brain, by Joseph A. Annibali

This is an enlightening book about how scientific evidence shows the consequences that mental health can have on the human body, especially in the onset of psychological illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and others with many physical symptoms that, in some cases, severely disabled people who suffer from these problems and have lost control over their mind and body. 

And with the help of the guidance of psychiatrist Annibali, you will have the support you need to face all the negative thoughts that put you down, as he will give you practical advice that will guide you in resolving your inner conflict, and, in the end, you will find yourself slowly restoring control of your life.

Book #6 - Negative Self-Talk and How to Change It, by Shad Helmsteller

If you have a busy life and need a quick guide on combating negative internal thinking, this book is for you. These thoughts are caused by anxiety and disorganized thinking. The reading is quick and the language simple, and the book is loaded with useful techniques that will make a difference in the daily life of a busy person, improving the reader’s mental health.

Book #7 - The Overthinking Book: How to Stop the Worry Cycle, by Gwendoline Smith

Many people find themselves constantly overwhelmed by repetitive and negative thoughts. This book will help you understand what’s going on in your head and how to overcome it. The book has humorous language and points the reader to cognitive-behavioral therapy as one of the alternatives to help you fight the anxious thoughts that torment you and get the deserved peace of mind you need.

Book #8 - A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters, by Steven C. Hayes

The author of this book used his personal experience that he went through during a panic attack to help him write his book. With the commitment to give help to other people who suffer from anxiety attacks, Dr. Hayes shows how normal it is to feel worried too much about life and that sometimes living with this is less painful and healing your mind little by little with the different methods that Dr. Hayes shows in his book, the way he applies therapy in his office, helping the reader to see the bright side of life and to focus on what really matters.

Book #9 - How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety, by Ellen Hendriksen

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People who are shy and introverted are usually plagued by negative thoughts, and in situations that require socializing, their inner worry increases, and in some more serious cases, psychological problems such as social phobia, panic attacks, and social anxiety arise and affect their daily lives. 

For this reason, they often close themselves off from the people around them and do not feel comfortable showing who they really are to people, because they are afraid and ashamed of being rejected, since their internal thoughts are very negative about themselves. And it was with these people in mind that Dr. Hendriksen taught readers to take action and learn from some of the stories she tells in the book, in a humorous way, and also gave you access to valuable techniques on how to stop overthinking and enjoy life being yourself, without fear or shame. 

So in the end, you will feel better, having thrown away all the burden of bad thoughts, something that prevented you from having a normal life without stress and without noise.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are recommended books to read that will be effective in learning how to control your negative thoughts in order to prevent psychological problems from arising, each author has made deep research and efforts in writing the book to help the reader understand what happens inside your head when you think too much and teaches you how to combat uncontrolled thoughts with exercises that will let you focus more with practical steps that will give you useful tools to use in your daily life, and with your own effort, you will feel a positive change in your self-esteem and the improvement of your light way of living life.