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Best Books by Brian Tracy: Motivational Start

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Brian Tracy is one of the most famous individuals we know in recent times. The man is renowned for his motivational lectures and written books for the common flocks.


Tracy was born on 5th January 1944 and belonged to Canadian-American roots. In 1984, he introduced a consultancy company for people who were confused and depressed with their future planning to be successful on their own feet. There the customers could get motivation, strategies, thoughtful advice, and moral support to be well-established. 

However, Tracy was primarily known as a self-development author for people who want to be successful and established. If you are among these people, you must give readers the best books by Brian Tracy. Do you know which books are suitable for you? Well, don’t take stress because here we are mentioning the names of the 6 best-written books by Tracy that will suit you perfectly. Stay tuned; here we go.

Perspectives of Brian Tracy’s Books:

As we mentioned that Tracy started writing with a perspective of helping people with easy tricks. He has written almost seventy books in his life, and you may find real-life examples and valuable tips in each of them. Brian Tracy has consulted more than 1,000 big or small companies and around 5 million people with reliable advice. 

Every year he used to organize seminars, and he delivered his valuable speeches there to the co-partners and others. This kind of sense can be felt through the best books by Brian Tracy. His speech topics were mostly related to business strategies, psychology, economics, philosophy, history, etc. His books also consist of such themes. 

Apart from the various motivational topics in his books, a reader can expect many practical and informative ideas and suggestions that can be applied in real life. It may help you develop your essential or personal strong points, brush up on your skills, improve your focus, and improve your personality to achieve a better place. 

Top 6 Brian Tracy Books:

Here we have enlisted the top 6 best books by Brian Tracy for you. These books have been translated into almost 100 preferred languages. So, these are easily readable and understandable for all people worldwide. Let’s see the list.

1. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life:

This book has 288 pages where the author has motivated the readers with practical advice. Tracy tried to express that our thinking plays a significant part as, based on that, we decide how to move and whom to move with. At first, start believing that nothing is impossible there for you. 

Once you change your mindset, your circumstances will work in your favor. Just as you learn bike riding and playing chess, you also have to learn how to control your thoughts and, thus, your life. This book shows twelve powerful principles of life that will bring you to the success and achievement of your targets.


Why do people chase a goal instead of leading a simple everyday life? In the book of 304 pages, Brian Tracy explained the facts. He has shown the journey from depression and frustration to satisfaction and fulfillment. Millions of his readers follow the way Tracy has introduced the essential principles of life. The author has explained some simple but effective settings and gripping the targets. 

Here he mainly focused on three new chapters where he presented the three most rewarding but most demanding goals to set and keep- family, health, and economy or finances. However, in the entire book, Brian Tracy included twenty-one powerful strategies that will guide you to achieve your goal.

3. Maximum Achievement

Learn the habits of successful people and achieve your dreams

This is considered one of the 6 best books by Brian Tracy, where he has noted most of the achievements step-by-step. You can learn concepts and tactics followed by successful people. There we may find topics regarding psychology, philosophy, politics, economics, business studies, history, and metaphysics. These topics are explained with innovative and informative perspectives that are easy to understand. 

You can learn how to switch on your individual potential for self-establishment. The central motif of the writer is to take the readers up to their success. Practically it will help you become mentally strong, stable, and focused on your targets. In fact, the book gives you real inspiration and examples to get better. 

4. Focal Point

In ‘Focal Point,’ Tracy brought all the best ideas for self-management through straightforward terms. In the book of 224 pages, we find the best admirations by the author. Here it is said that the real secret of a true achiever is to mark out his focal point. Now, what is the focal point? It is the will to reach the ultimate target or the focused end. Brian analyzed seven decent key points and showed how to achieve the focused topics with friendly planes. 

When the book was published, it got the most selling among the youths and youngsters. Still, people throughout the ages are eager to buy this book. The book entirely shows how to gain complete control of yourself, your behavior, and your life. The focal point depicts how you can work on your absolute clarity and achieve supreme satisfaction professionally and personally.

5. Eat That Frog!

It is a legendary and one of the best books by Brian Tracy that people love very much. More than 1.5 million copies of this 128-page book have been sold in more than 42 languages. Here the author has presented a different idea. You will need more time to cover your entire ‘To Do’ list. In fact, successful people take time to finish everything. They only keep their eyes on some specific things and ensure they can do them. 

The name ‘Eat That Frog’ metaphorically suggests you take each challenge quickly so that it cannot pressure you. It is to inspire and motivate you with full of positive energy and good wills. Taking your challenges lightly will grow your self-confidence. That will lead you to finish the job on time and perfectly with complete satisfaction and charm.

6. No Excuses!

We know a prevalent phrase,” There is nothing impossible here,” but sometimes, we do not utilize it. Several people think that success comes through good luck and natural talent. But it is seen that the most successful people have achieved their targets simply by being disciplined. Though the word ‘simple’ sounds simple, it is not. The author directed here to keep moving forward without any excuses and negativity. 

All 21 chapters of this 304-page book show how to be disciplined. An exercise chapter is also attached at the end of this book to help you focus more on your disciplines. With all the guidelines, the readers will understand how to become more efficient. Self-discipline can make your path easier. So, stop making useless excuses and start pushing yourself to be disciplined.

Final Thoughts

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These top 6 best books by Brian Tracy are free of any extra knowledge or extraordinary efficiency to understand the meaning of the books. The author explained his point of view in a wise but more straightforward way. Some of his books are written from a field-specific perspective. However, the author always satisfies his readers with his books as the real examples and logic can connect to the readers’ lives more quickly. Here is the success of Brian Tracy.